Sulfured raisins

Edalat company products

Export raisins must be free of any pests, additives, or any abnormal smell and taste. The amount of moisture in raisins should not exceed 18% by weight, and depending on the method of preparation, the amount of sulfur dioxide and sulfur fumes should not exceed 2 per 1000 units of weight. Export raisins are obtained from grapes that are at least 80% ripe. High quality raisins have the highest homogeneity in color.
The amount of green, tiny, crushed, and low-quality raisins is at the lowest possible level in this company, that is, it is way above the standards of European agricultural products.

Sulfured raisins

It is a permissible alkaline solution that is used to make the grape skin thinner and the grapes dry faster. In this method, the arranged clusters are immersed in a Sulfur dioxide solution for one minute and then extracted. It then takes the clusters to an area to dry completely. The solution used in this method is milky in color and usually uses Potassium Carbonate and raisin oil. The process of producing raisins in this method takes about 5 to 8 days.
Green raisins and Teifi raisins, which are the most popular export raisins in this region, are prepared in this way. Raisins have a greasy and shiny surface and are exported in various forms, small, large, seedless and with seeds. In this method, the coarseness of the grape is more than the sun-dried method and the color of the raisins produced is yellowish green and soft. This type of raisin has more storage capacity and has a high potential for export.

Raisins Properties

Raisins have a large amount of fiber, iron, antioxidants, calcium and antimicrobial compounds and many other properties including:
1. Prevention of cell destruction by the use of antioxidants
2. Reduction of blood pressure due to the Potassium it contains
3. Alleviation of stress
4. Elimination of anemia with due to the Iron it has
5. Improvement of eye-sight
6. Treatment of body infections
7. Oral (mouth and teeth) protection due to the Oleanolic acid it holds
8. Prevention of hair loss and treatment of dandruffs due to its resveratrol
9. Prevention of kidney stones
10. Weight loss and weight gain (if raisins are consumed alone, it will cause weight loss and if consumed with tea it will cause weight gain)
11. Treatment of diarrhea and constipation
12. Prevention of osteoporosis with the help of calcium in raisins